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Thanks for the “God Times”

We praise God for a blessed time as about 1200 of us gathered for a spiritual feast at our annual Church Camp. We thank God for the life-changing learning as we opened God’s Word to understand our theme of “Image, Bondage & Reimaging” (IBR). The main message about our “Image” is that we are wonderfully…

Good Friday: “Oh, to see the Dawn”

I love watching the sunrise. There is something magnetically attractive and soul-stirring about a sunrise. Maybe it’s the golden hue of a sunrise that warms our heart. Perhaps it’s the promise of a new day filled with the possibility of sharing love, pursuing dreams or accomplishing goals. Good Friday is a dawn unlike and unmatched…

A Strange Intimacy

I conducted a wedding recently where the couple did a strange thing. They prayed with their backs to one another! So, there they stood back-to-back not because they had a quarrel or they were getting cold feet! It was, rather, their personal and precious pact for the groom to not behold his lovely bride until…

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