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More Cat & Dog Moments

How do we know we have turned the corner in our struggle against someone who has wronged us? When, if ever, is the inflection point in toxic, bitter and broken relationships? I spotted my cat watching patiently and, I think, blissfully as our dog ate his food. Then it occurred to me that it’s no…

Dogs and Cats

One day, I woke to behold a heart-warming sight of our dog and young kitten lying side by side in deep and peaceful sleep. Some would call that a miracle. They may say that this unusual canine and feline bliss is because they live in a church or belong to a pastor. I wish that…

Dead or Alive

“The moment I stop learning, I start dying.” – Albert Einstein What a quotable quote from Einstein. It is perhaps this philosophy to life which has made him synonymous with human genius and creativity! Too many of us are dying mentally, emotionally and relationally because we stopped learning from the school of life. We need…

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