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  • Chinese New Year 2020

    For the weekend of 25 and 26 Jan 2020, there will only be services at 9 am@Adam, and 9 am@Bishan.

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Our Vital Eye-Heart Connection

We visited our friends and were warmly welcomed by their dog, which is quite an expected canine response. What was amazing is that our friends’ dog, Fudge, is blind! We would not have realised it if they had not told us. Fudge’s blindness did not hinder her one bit from giving us a most hearty…

Clearing the haze

I woke to go for an early morning walk. I checked for the haze hazard (from the reckless slash-and-burn practices raging in the region) and it was mostly cleared. What a relief! It felt as if the greyness of life itself had lifted. Vision cleared. Normalcy restored. I quipped that I could my wife’s face…

Who are you battling?

This is obviously a posed picture. My wife battling a jurassic dinosaur in a child’s playground holds no real risk or mortal danger. Did you read of Jenna Evans of California who dreamt she swallowed her engagement ring while she and her fiancé were being terrorised by villains on a speeding train? She woke to…

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