To be a Bible-centered and Christ-like community
committed to growing in love for God, God’s people, God’s world.


  • ARPC COVID-19 Update

    Services resumed with scaled-down services

    ARPC@Adam will resume with Saturday 5pm and Sunday 9am services
    ARPC@Bishan will resume with Sunday 9am service
    Mandarin Ministry will resume with Sunday 9:15am service at Praise Hall in the Chapel.
    Children's Church will continue to be suspended for this week. BASIC will resume with small group meetings in homes and ARPC@Adam and DGs will resume physical meetings.

    Services will be online
    We will stream the full service at Sat 5pm, Sun 9am and 11:30am. Mandarin Ministry will also be streamed.

    Pastoral Letter
    Please refer to the pastoral letter for more details.

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Journeying from Woe to “Wow”

In my daily walks over the past week, I have come across a resplendent kingfisher waiting patiently for its morning catch. I have beheld the turquoise waters of a bay and the changing colors of a lovely dawn. With each walk and undeserved sighting, it has given me a brief “wow” respite from the woes…

A Saved Church can be a Safe Church

One of my grandnieces from overseas visited us recently. She stepped into home with a dose of dog phobia. We introduced our friendly dog to her. She was a bit unsure at first. By the end of her visit, she had fallen in love with Polo, our Westie! That’s when I gave her a huge…

Our Vital Eye-Heart Connection

We visited our friends and were warmly welcomed by their dog, which is quite an expected canine response. What was amazing is that our friends’ dog, Fudge, is blind! We would not have realised it if they had not told us. Fudge’s blindness did not hinder her one bit from giving us a most hearty…