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For your prayer and participation.

ARPC Missions Retreat


Sun, 14 Nov

2 - 5pm

Online via Zoom

Conversations about Jesus
  • Talk 1: “Conversation @ The Living Room”
  • Talk 2: “Conversation & Chai”

Sharing the good news of Jesus can be challenging, especially with those from a different culture and worldview. Yet in the Bible, we see Jesus having conversations with many people, impacting their lives in profound ways.

For this Missions Retreat, 3 Singaporeans will share with us their adventures to share the gospel through conversations. One serves in North Thailand, while the other two reaches out to migrant workers here.

Come join us for a time of enrichment and edification through the 2 talks.

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The Greatest Escape (Part II)
New Series


Oct - Nov

We are beginning a new series of studies on Exodus 19-40 as we learn about God’s great power and compassionate love - that offer us the greatest escape from the fallen world.

Invite your family and friends to listen to the Gospel and come out, not just from a pandemic, but from a world in which we cannot save ourselves.

Come join us, onsite or online!

The studies for this whole series will be uploaded this weekend on the ARPC/Gnowbe App. Additional notes, videos and materials will be regularly updated for a fuller learning experience. The microlearning app is intended to help us learn God's Word step by step at our own time and together as a community or Discipleship Group (DG).

Register for the App today!


Help Needed!


Fri, 10 Dec

9am - 4pm

Parents of youths who are Sec 3 and above, do prayerfully consider opening your homes to host the youth.

  • Home available on 10 December from 9am to 4pm
  • Space for 5–8 youths for bible study
  • Broadband Wifi Connection for Zoom purposes
  • Provision of water (NO need to provide meals)

Please indicate if you are willing and able to do so in the registration form when signing up for camp. Thank you!




10 - 12 Dec

9am - 4pm (Fri & Sun)
9am - 6pm (Sat)

[email protected], [email protected], Homes & Outdoors

Free of Charge

Registration opens 16th October & closes 31st October 2021!

BASIC Camp is happening from the 10th to 12th of December. It is the highlight for our youth ministry and will be a time of feeding on God's Word, fellowship and serving one another.

Unfortunately, we will not be having an overnight camp again this year and will adjust how we meet based on the government's measures.

The theme of the camp is Not Your Own and we will explore what it means to belong to God and belong to one another.

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Sat, 6 Nov


Online via Zoom

The Proverbs 31 woman is a wonder woman, juggling the affairs of her home elegantly and efficiently. How would she navigate the markets today and stock enough for all who are dependent on her? How does Jesus teaching on money impact our financial decision making?

Come and hear our two sisters, Tem Pin and Jessy share their insights.

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Sat, 6 Nov

9 AM

Online Via Zoom

Membership in a local church is an expression of what it means to belong to Christ. Our commitment to Christ is expressed in our commitment to His Church.

Don’t miss this important step in discipleship!

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Just for


Every Sunday
15 Aug - 7 Nov


Online via Zoom

Just For Newcomers (JFN) is a 13-week course that helps our newcomers settle into our ARPC family.

If you have completed the Discovering Christianity class or are new to ARPC, and would like to deepen your knowledge of Jesus, and be part of the church family, do sign up below.

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Sound Ministry


[email protected]
[email protected]

The Sound Ministry is recruiting for both Adam and Bishan!

Our services literally would not be possible without the Sound Team. Especially in this period of livestreaming, can you imagine a church service where some of the mics or instruments didn't work, or you kept hearing feedback and buzzing sounds?

No special skills are required, what is most important is a learning attitude and a heart to serve.

You might be especially suitable for Sound if you:

  • You love music and can tell the difference between a $10 and $100 set of headphones
  • You play a musical instrument, but do not see yourself serving in the music teams
  • You like to tinker with computers and electronics

If any of these sounds like you, join the Sound Team and use your God-given talents to serve with us!

Email Ian Xu or Andrew Wan below to express your interest to serve!

Mental Wellness Ministry


This COVID-19 resurgence may be affecting us.

Our Mental Wellness Ministry (MWM) put out helpful podcasts last year on issues such as Cabin Fever, Anxiety, Depression and Conflict Resolution.

We are reposting our MWM podcasts to help you and your friends during this trying time.

MWM Podcasts

Agape Lunch Fellowship


Thu, 21 Oct

12 noon

Online Via Zoom

This is a time of sharing amongst those who normally meet monthly for fellowship over lunch. Pastor Kenneth Goh will share on Jeremiah 44.

Please feel free to join us if you are a retiree, in-between jobs or just love to meet people.

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Marriage Preparation Retreat


Sat & Sun,
23 & 24 Oct

9 AM

Fully Subscribed!

Our Marriage Preparation Retreats (MPRs) prepare couples for lifelong godly marriages.

Please pray for the couples and their mentors as they embark on this retreat!

Culinary Arts Ministry
Snowskin Mooncake


Sun, 19 Sep

Premieres at 2PM

Online Baking Class: Cute Animal Snowskin Mooncakes

The mid-autumn festival is a wonderful time for bonding. Susanne will teach you how to make these adorable animal snowskin mooncakes to delight your loved ones. This item is suitable for beginners as it is no-bake and does not require any mooncake plunger molds. We hope this fun activity will be an opportunity to share the gospel with loved ones and be a blessing to your family time!

No registration is required so invite your friends!

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Special Needs
Support Network


Sun, 26 Sept


Online via Zoom

Talk: Discipleship for Children with Special Needs

Discipleship and faith formation goes beyond cognitive information transmission and involves character formation. The online workshop will focus on the approach towards teaching children about God and provide a biblical perspective of Christian education.

For Children’s Church teachers & parents of children with special needs.

About the Speaker:
Mrs Janice Ho is the Executive Director of the Koinonia Inclusion Network (KIN). She is a paediatric occupational therapist with a decade of experience in the disability sector working in acute, community, and social service settings. She is also finishing up her studies at Singapore Bible College (SBC). She loves moving around (can hardly sit still sometimes), swimming and exploring outdoor spaces with her 3-year-old toddler.


Marketplace Ministry
Lunchtime Talks


8, 15, 22 Sep

12 PM

Online via Zoom

Our Lunchtime Talk series in the month of September is on:

8 Sep: Work & Mental Health (1)

15 Sep: Work & Mental Health (2)

22 Sep: Work & Emotional Health

Please come & join us to be enlightened as Pastor Christopher Chia opens up God’s Word.

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Mandarin Ministry
Discovering Christianity


Sundays | 星期天
20 June - 18 July
6月 20 日 - 7月18日

10:30 AM - 12 PM

Online via Zoom


6月 20日 | 神是谁
7月 4日 | 人是谁
7月 11日 | 基督是谁
7月 18日 | 与神和好

Register with Pastor Ng Yak Cheow


Girls' Brigade


ARPC is the sponsoring church for the Girls' Brigade companies of Nanyang Primary School (12P) and Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School (28S).

Your gift will further the advancement work of sharing Christ in their lives. Be the reason our girls can flourish and benefit others.

When giving, please select Girls' Brigade Singapore, General and indicate referred by ARPC so that your donations go to our sponsored companies fully.


Equip Conference
Sexuality & Identity


Fri - Sat
3 & 4 Sep


Friday's Talk:
Responding to a sexually-changing culture (Part 1)

Saturday's Talk:
Responding to a sexually-changing culture (Part 2)

watch here

Trinity Theological College
Equip Classes


15 Jul - 26 Aug

7:30-9:30 PM


Christ-Centered Preaching in the 21st Century World

Like to know to handle, teach or preach the Bible better? Pastor Chris Chia will give 7 lectures at Trinity Theological College (TTC) Equip Classes.


Staying Strong for the Long Run


Sun, 13 June

2 - 4PM

Online Stream

TALK : Staying Strong for the Long Run - Help for the Overwhelmed Caregiver

Watch a panel discussion on how to persevere and thrive through the caregiving journey for caregivers of children and youths with special needs and/or mental health issues.

Enquire here.


Missions Fellowship
NextGen Missions


Sun, 20 Jun

4-6 PM

Online via Zoom

TALK: Reading the Bible with an Asian Worldview

Next Gen Missions (a Missions Ministry initiative) begins a new series on Worldviews, starting 16 May 2021. These talks are for youth ages 17 and up.

Christianity can often be seen as a Western religion, but its roots are from Asia and Middle East.

In our next session of Next Gen Missions, Dr Jerry Hwang (lecturer at SBC and worships at ARPC) will be showing us the neglected Asian aspects of the Bible, and helps us to read it faithfully and share the Gospel with our loved ones with an Asian worldview.

Mercy Ministry


Sun, 19 Sep


Online via Zoom

Covid-19: Through A Palliative Care Physician's Lens

Synopsis: In this interactive virtual talk, Dr Jamie Zhou, a hospital-based palliative care physician, shares her re!lections about the impact of the COVID"19 pandemic through stories and poetry.

Dr Jamie Zhou is a Consultant in the Division of Supportive and Palliative Care, National Cancer Centre Singapore. She has experience in both community and hospital-based palliative care. Her special interests are in pain management, palliative care in intensive care units, and communication skills training.


PCS 140th Anniversary Service


Sun, 11 July

6:30AM onwards


Pre-recorded service will be available via the Synod's official YouTube Channel, from 11 July, 2021, 6.30am

Visit the Synod’s website for more details.

Watch It Here

Women's Ministry


Sun, 11 Jul

2 PM

Online via Zoom

In covering up, are we are concerned only about our physical wellbeing? What about our spiritual well-being? Are there things we should cover up? Have we put on more than a physical barrier to our fellowship? Will we become accustomed to this mode of cover-up?

Let us come together to explore what we can learn from God's Word and how we can encourage each other to remove our spiritual masks and be healthy.

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Happy Father's

Celebrate with your dads this Father's Day by baking a cake for him. Shirley Wong of the Culinary Arts Ministry recommends two recipes for beginners and intermediate bakers for the occasion. Have fun as a family and love your fathers!


ARPC 2021
Virtual ACM


Sun, 27 June

11 AM

Online via Zoom

Mark your calendar to listen to what God is graciously doing in ARPC.

Members, please remember to register to attend the ACM!

ARPC Virtual
Church Camp


Fri to Sun, 11 to 13 June

Fri & Sat 8PM
Sun 9AM (Live via Services)

Online via Zoom

It's Church Camp! Our spiritual feast of the year.
Theme: "Viral Chaos, Enduring Lessons".

Enriching messages, worship & testimonies.

Special Guest Artiste:
Colin Buchanan! (Friday & Sunday sessions)

Online service this weekend will begin Sun 9am!

Mark your calendar and register!


DG Celebration


Wed, 2 June

8 PM

Online via Zoom

Our Discipleship Groups (DGs) have not met together during Covid-19. This 1st DG Celebration rekindles our combined fellowship between ALL our DGs.

Details will be sent out through DG Leaders.

KCPSS : Direct School Admissions


ARPC is the anchor church to KCPSS.

Parents/students who are interested in DSA to KCPSS, you can find out more via the button below.

You may also submit your enquiries here. The deadline for enquiries is 1 June.

Find out more

ARPC John Piper
equip conference


ARPC was honoured to host this special John Piper Virtual Equip Conference in April.

Pastor John spoke on the perplexing theme of Joy & Sorrow in Our Lives and did a session called “Ask Pastor John”.


Registration for Services:




[email protected]

We are excited & thankful for the opportunity to open registration for [email protected] weekend services.

Places are limited. Please register to attend physical weekend services.


Registration for Services:


Saturdays & Sundays

Sat 5PM,
Sun 9AM & 11:30AM

[email protected]

We are excited & thankful for the opportunity to open registration for [email protected] weekend services.

Places are limited. Please register to attend physical weekend services.


Onsite @ Adam
Children's Church


24 & 25 Apr

Sat 5PM, Sun 9AM & 11:30AM


Fully Subscribed!

Children's Church at [email protected] resumes onsite for children N1 to Primary 6, every 4th weekend of the month.

Children from Bishan CC are encouraged to attend [email protected] on Sunday.

Registration link will be sent to parents to register for the entire family.

Please contact Marie or Karen for further enquiries.

All-Age Service


17 & 18 Apr

Usual service timings


Our All-Age Services are a great expression of being God’s people. Married couples, singles, young and old, are welcomed with love.

Synod 140TH Anniversary


Wed, 14 Apr

8 PM


Our denomination celebrates our 140th Anniversary this year.

As part of this, the Synod is organising a series of Combined Prayer Meetings. ARPC will be hosting one of the combined prayer meeting on 14 April at 8PM.

Join Us

BB Week 2021


7 Mar - 4 Apr


ARPC supports the 5th, 34th, 42J & 66th Boys' Brigade.

All giving will be divided equally amongst 4 companies.

give here

TabithA Fellowship


Sat, 3 Apr

5 - 6:30PM

Hope & Humility Rooms (Lvl 2)

We will be making crafts and sharing the meaning of Easter.

To help us prepare adequate craft materials, please sign up for your helper below.

Register arpc App for 2021


As part of our plan to continue to engage, edify and encourage our members and regulars, we are launching a new ARPC app!


new series: The Gospel of Luke


27/28 Feb - 3/4 Apr 2021

We begin a new series of study from the Gospel of Luke that focuses on Jesus Christ as the King and will lead us to Easter.

May this series renew our faith and allegiance to Jesus and draw us closer to love and follow Him.

Resumption of Holy Communion


[email protected]
[email protected]

Holy Communion will be conducted once a month at [email protected] and [email protected]

MCCY requires worshippers to sanitise our hands before partaking of the Communion. Sanitiser (wet) wipes will be provided at both Adam and Bishan. Just before partaking, we will unmask, wipe our hands, partake of the communion bread & cup and put our masks on again.

discovering christianity


Every Sunday
28 Nov - 19 Dec


Online via Zoom

Big ANSWERS to the big QUESTIONS of life.

Come! Join us and ask the questions you have always wanted to ask!

You can choose to have your DC sessions conducted either in a group setting, or in a one-on-one session via Zoom.

DC is a 4-week course, where participants will find out about the core beliefs of Christianity, from the Bible itself.

Enquire Here
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Church Prayer fEllowship


Sat, 27 Nov


Online via Zoom

“So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you”. Luke 11:9

This coming CPF, our focus will be on Malaysia and Deaf and Hard of Hearing Ministry of ARPC. Join us if you are involved, have been impacted or keen to hear more about these ministries.

Come and pray by registering below!


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