The Women’s Ministry aims to fulfill God’s commission by reaching out and building up all women, single or married to exercise a complementary ministry with men as the family of God in ARPC so as to glorify Christ as we mature in Him.

Our roles as sisters, daughters, wives, widows, mothers and grandmothers can be expressed in love and unity.

We had a great session today with good, witty sharing.  Thank God for Susan who held the session so well, and gearing us back to the study. We side tracked..and Susan pulled us back.

Dorcas PhuA


We encourage commitment to our Services, participation in a Discipleship Group (DG) and discharge of ministry that serves the family of God. We seek to enable every woman to fit into ARPC and to use her God-given gifts for the body of Christ, both within or beyond ARPC.

I learnt that detours were relevant and opportunities for us to open up. I learnt that detours in the early days covered Cantonese, Taiwanese, Korean drama and somehow, Mona pulled them back and knitted them nicely to the study points.

Nancy Tan