S Needs

Support Network

The Special Needs Support Network (SN2) was launched in 2018 to encourage individuals and families with special needs with Jesus’ love and compassion. We seek to integrate them in the ARPC family and empower the church to minister to them. We hope to support special needs families by building a network of professionals, helpers and carers. We prayerfully aim to:

Equip the church

Praise God for the great number of special needs professionals in ARPC who desire to both serve yet learn humbly. We have tapped on their expertise and experience for talks and training sessions. We also invite external speakers to share helpful insights from the Bible.

Encourage special needs families

SN2 organizes family-friendly events to encourage fellowship between special needs families and the wider church. Personal testimonies of spiritual growth are shared with songs, games and fun workshops at fellowship gatherings. 

Walk alongside each other

We try to match specific needs with expertise and to kick-start positive relationships between families within the ministry. We will also do home visitations.

Our formal meetings are conducted on a quarterly basis. We usually gather at ARPC@Bishan on Sunday afternoons.