Rhoda Fellowship is our Filipina ministry to domestic helpers! God has brought missions to our doorsteps. The number of Filipinos who currently live and work here is estimated at around 150,000.


The Rhoda Fellowship is a weekly gathering of Filipino domestic helpers who arrive at our shores to earn income and support their families back home. Our prayer is that the ladies become beneficiaries of Christian love and charity while working for believing employers; and more importantly, for them to be blessed with the grace of knowing Jesus.

The fellowship is named in honour of Rhoda, the servant girl in Acts 12, who reported to the praying church that the Apostle Peter had been released from prison and was knocking at the door. Despite the disbelief and dismissive response of the gathered believers, Rhoda persisted that she heard and recognised Peter’s voice, exemplifying her faith and her acquaintance with the Apostle’s teachings.

We seek the kind approval of the employers to allow them to come and join these gatherings:

5pm on Saturdays
Room 1303, Singapore Bible College (or online via Zoom)

For the year 2024, the fellowship will be studying Proverbs and learning God’s wisdom which leads us to embrace and submit to His son, Jesus.