The Mandarin Ministry is a platform for our members from the English services to invite our Chinese-speaking family members and friends to come hear the gospel.


The Mandarin Ministry was started in 2004. The purpose of this ministry and fellowship is to provide a platform for inviting our Chinese speaking family members and friends to come hear the gospel.

华文团契成立于2004年,目的是为了让 会友带领讲华语的亲友来认识耶稣。

We aim to bring about obedience to Jesus Christ amongst the Chinese speaking through faithful teaching of the God’s Word.

团契的宗旨是遵照圣经,忠心地教导 上帝的话语。

Our weekly service is held on Sundays, at 9am in Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School at the Learning and Aesthetics Centre (LAC).

我们每个星期的崇拜聚会是在礼拜 天早上9点正。地点是在国专长老会中学 LAC 舞蹈室。

Besides our services, we also gather in smaller groups to read God’s Word, pray and spur each other on in love and good deeds in our weekly Bible study. The Bible study groups take place on Sundays from 11am to 1pm.

在礼拜天的崇拜聚会后,我们于早上 11点正至下午1点,也有小组聚会,我们一 起查考圣经,在爱中彼此相顾勉励。

The Mandarin Ministry also organises evangelistic events throughout the year. We hope to encourage our members to bring their Mandarin speaking family members and friends to come and hear the good news of Jesus.

为了鼓励会友带领讲华语的亲友来 听 耶 稣 的 好 消 息,我 们 每 年 举 办 几 个 大 型 福 音 性 聚 会,让 新 朋 友 有 机 会 听 见 和 明白耶稣基督的福音。