Are you exploring Christianity and do not know where to start?

Do you have questions about Christianity, about Jesus, about life and death?

Do you have questions about the Bible that you always wanted to ask but didn’t know how to start looking for the answers?

Discovering Christianity (DC) is a ministry for those who are keen to explore the basics of the Christian faith. Non-Christian friends and family members are welcome to join us for 4 sessions to learn about what Christians believe in. The sessions are conducted in a non-threatening and interactive manner. Participants are also free to ask questions about Christianity.
I enjoyed my sessions as I had many questions coming from a non-believer’s perspective. And the sessions address some of the misunderstandings that non-believers could have with regards to Christianity. I highly recommend anyone who wants to know more about Christianity to attend these sessions.
Foo Shijie

The 4 sessions cover these topics:

Who is God?

Who is Man?

what is the bible?

who is jesus?

Details of The next run

ARPC @ Adam

14 Jul - 4 Aug 2024

(Every Sunday)

2 - 3:30 PM

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