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The deaf community and people with hearing loss go through life isolated from the hearing world due to a lack of information which is accessed through the faculty of hearing. The deaf community needs Christians who know sign language to tell them about Jesus.

The Deaf & Hard of Hearing Ministry (DHHM) aims to create an awareness of Sign language as a cultural bridge for communication. This aids evangelism, mission and song-signing music that is felt, seen and experienced as a concept through Sign language.

We want to serve the deaf and the hard of hearing by providing Sign language interpretation at our 9 am Sunday service at ARPC@Adam, as well as transcribing service to ARPC seniors who are experiencing hearing loss due to age degeneration.

A weekly Bible study/fellowship for the deaf and the hard of hearing is held in Sengkang, ARPC@Adam or via Zoom. The ministry continues to reach out to the deaf community either through in various way and means.

The ministry continues to train committed Chris- tians to serve as transcribers for Sunday service or as signers for Bible Study, and song-signers for worship, and also for home/hospital visitation.

The Bible tells us in Romans 10:14–15, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach good news!”

DHHM seeks to communicate the gospel articulately so that the faith of the deaf and hard of hearing will be well grounded.

Joy of Signing PROGRAMME

Tentative dates for 2024


Basic Sign Language Workshop 1


Basic Sign Language Workshop 2

June (TBC)

Church Camp sign-fun activities


Song-signing Workshop


A Christmas Carol-Signing Workshop