Arts Ministry

Our Purpose
Culinary Arts Ministry (CAM) organises evangelistic friendship events, making easy desserts with hands-on experience, followed by a gospel talk. We have been running these classes for 14 years.

What's in Store

CAM continues to introduce new recipes often in conjunction with a festival or events which could rally families to invite their pre-believing members. The ever-popular snowskin mooncakes continues to be a hit. The repertoire has extended to fancier items like Chiffon Cakes, Choux Pastry and Marshmallows. Besides macarons, cookies or s’mores, we held a singles’ coffee scrub event with opportunity to meet people over a meal. For three years, we also made cookies to be distributed as Christmas gifts to our ARPC@Tengah neighbours.

The Team

Our three main instructors are Shirley Wong-Lee, Susanne Ng and Tan Phay Shing. This year we had Doris Teo teaching us how to make biscotti. This ministry is supported by Evonne Lai, Elizabeth Chen, Tay Hui Luan, Dave Wong, Michelle Lau, Elaine Yap, Grace Kwek, Allvina Lee, and Florence Kwong. Special thanks goes to Eve Ong who lead the ministry with her family always in tow for the past few years.

We thank God for the creative effort of our instructors and to the pastors and staff workers who presented gospel messages according to the themes.


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