Arts Ministry


The Culinary Arts Ministry started in 2010 when Shirley Wong wanted to share her Home Economics knowledge with church members.  Together with Mona Chia, they devised a lesson plan and  strategy to use hands-on cooking classes to attract people to church.  While the cakes or desserts were being baked or steamed or chilled, the participants would listen to a talk which introduces Jesus or the gospel to them.  It has been a successful outreach ministry which has drawn many to attend church or to discover Christianity.

The hands-on cooking demonstration is usually done by Shirley.  We have had a few substitute teachers such as Angelina Yap, Diana Lee and Tan Phay Shing.  The talks are mainly given by pastors and staff workers.

The ministry is led by Berd Wong and many volunteers support this in myriad ways.  The duties start with registration, advertising, shopping for ingredients, developing a recipe, weighing out ingredients, setting up the rooms into a cooking lab, arranging chairs, teaching, ice-breaker games, feedback forms, follow-up, borrowing ovens, cooking, washing up and end with putting everything back in its place.  We thank God for all the hands and hearts that make this possible.

Watch out for new recipes, or come or learn your yearly favourites.

Ingredients are all provided and you get to bring home your finished product.  This events have been a hit with many families.  It provides a natural bonding activity for children and parents, even grandparents.  Many people sign up as a group of friends, colleagues or DG mates.


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