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Brothers and sisters in christ


BASIC (Brothers And Sisters In Christ) is a ministry to youths aged 13 to young adulthood. BASIC disciples young people for lifelong discipleship, bringing them the gospel and encouraging them to mature as Christian adults. Our time together includes regular Bible studies, fellowship meetings and training sessions, as well as fun and games, socials and outings.

BASIC has a strong commitment to evangelise the unreached. New friends are always welcome to explore the bible with us as we seek to expand God’s Kingdom. At the same time, we aim to edify believers, building them up in God’s Word. To this end, we identify, equip and train mature Christian youths to lead others and serve one another.
Eventually we hope to “export” to our adult congregations, young people prepared and active in God’s service. An important step, is for parents and teenaged children to continue to attend Services and worship together, whilst going to BASIC. We started with this goal and continue it as a healthy expression of being united in God’s family.

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Join us from 5—7pm for our occasional big group gathering, regular small group bible studies, prayer and fellowship.

We welcome you and your friends and promise you that BASIC on Saturdays will change all your days!

Kuo chuan chapel

8A Bishan Street 13,
Singapore 579794

Please enter from Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School.

5-7 pm

Formal big group gathering

@ Kuo Chuan Chapel

Small group bible studies, prayer & fellowship.

@ various Chapel rooms & Sec Sch classrooms