Empowering the Believer at Work & Empowering the Worker to Believe

ARPC Marketplace Ministry (AMM) aims to equip us as prayerful Bible-centred and Christ-like ambassador for God at our workplace to share the gospel with our friends and colleagues wherever we are.

2020—21 were challenging years that few would ever forget. Our Lunchtime Talks quickly adjusted to be- come online talks. Amid a crisis, participants were thirsting to hear the Word of God, and the Lunchtime Talks were well-received. We had many who regularly attended the talks and were blessed by the talks. Many also invited their friends.

Despite only being able to host a fewer number of talks than usual, we were glad we could do so under such challenging circumstances. We dealt with topics such as:

  • Future Proofing Your Job
  • Future Proofing Your Heart Spiritually
  • Mental Health at Work
  • Emotional Health at Work
  • Relational Health at Work
  • Does Jesus matter in our work?

AMM (ARPC Marketplace Ministry) aims to equip us as prayerful, Bible-centred, and Christ-like ambas- sadors for God at our workplaces to share the gospel with our friends and colleagues wherever we are.

All praise to God that AMM is now able to resume our lunchtime talks at our new location at One Raffles Quay after hosting the talks via Zoom the past two years.

We look forward to continuing our Lunchtime Talks in 2024, plus a mentoring program to help us grow in the workplace and other events.