A Lunch


Feasting with Gospel Love
A monthly lunch gathering started by the Mona Chia’s Homemakers DG to reach out to those who were stuck at home or recovering from illness.


Are you free for lunch on the third Thursday of each month? In a growing church we have created an oasis to sit down, enjoy a meal with brothers and sisters in Christ in our own alfresco dining setting at ARPC@ Adam. Over the past 14 years, we have grown old- er and wiser as more retirees, recovering patients, church staff and their invited guests meet monthly to listen to a devotion, share testimonies, sing songs, pray for one another and enjoy a simple packed meal since COVID-19 pandemic. We reminisce about the potluck lunches we used to enjoy but are thankful we no longer need to have Zoom meetings.

We followed a number of interesting themes each year. Last year was the festivals of Singapore and how these impact us as Christians. We visit some of the home-bound members and have two excursions a year. This year we have embarked on helping to interact with an eldercare centre in Bishan on a monthly basis, led by Dennis Tan and Pastor Ng Yak Cheow.

The leaders of this ministry are Mona Chia, Chin Siew Lay and Helen Oh, Katherine Yip and Kit Chin Chow. Please join us if you are in a season of life where you need fellowship and want to encourage others.