A Lunch


Meals for the Gospel – a monthly lunch gathering started by the Mona Chia’s Homemakers DG to reach out to those who were stuck at home or recovering from illness.


It was an opportunity to reach out to those who were not able to come to church regularly or were in need of fellowship. It then evolved to include those who were in-between work and now it has included anyone who desires fellowship and prayer. Numbers attending fluctuate from 30 to 50 each month. A regular prayer group consisting of widows has also spun off from Agape Lunch Fellowship. We hope to do more active visitations in between our monthly lunches to bring joy to those who are not able to come to church.

The program is made up of singing some Christian songs usually led by Swee Huat and Helen Oh, followed by a message pertaining to the theme of the month. Those who share the good news are usually pastors, staff or volunteers who wish to bring about an encounter with God for those present at the fellowship.

The atmosphere is warm as we meet in the Fellowship Hall in the midst of greenery. The fellowship is warmer because of the fact that people have been committed to meeting over home cooked meals lovingly prepared by home chefs and also voluntary contributions from various Singapore eateries. The warmest part is the prayer we offer for one another when we open up our hearts and lives to one another. It is a fellowship in which we share the passing to glory of our friends and family and rejoice with the births and blessings of new life.

Do join us for cosy conversations over great food. The foods contributed follow various themes like colours, plants of the Bible, festivals, countries, etc. This year we will follow a theme of styles of cooking.


dates for 2020

Please check back for updates!