God opened the door for ARPC to be part of the outreach to migrant workers. The pandemic highlighted the plight, housing needs and social isolation of 300,000 workers here.

The Adopt A Dorm (AAD) Ministry was formed in 2020 by Pastors Christopher Chia and Lim Luck Yong to help our migrant workers in Singapore. This was our expression of loving the foreigners among us, as God desires His people to do.

We adopted a dorm at 61 Gul Drive, as the pandemic raged on in Singapore with the Delta and Omicron variants, that housed shipyard workers. Our dedicated AAD team continues to reach out in these small but significant ways.

Outings for Guest Workers

Hosting guest workers at various Singapore tourist attractions where the workers have never been able to afford to go, including Cable Car rides to Sentosa, Gardens By The Bay and the SEA Aquarium.

Care Packages

During the pandemic, we also organised a visit to Little India for a shopping trip and Christmas celebration, and delivered Care Packages containing mutton biryani and fruit to the dorm to supplement the simple diet of the workers. We also helped them to celebrate their respective cultural festivals and Independence Day. We also supplied face masks to supplement their needs.

English Classes

A new AAD team that was formed in June/July 2021 developed video lessons teaching simple English to help our migrant friends communicate better with Singaporeans. We are thankful for the team’s perseverance in producing the high-quality lessons.

The long working hours of our migrant friends are very real, and many have been living apart from their families for many years. Do pray for us to have wisdom to address their needs while showing them the love of our compassionate God.