Church camp 2023

strengthening faith, strengthening family

Church Camp 2023 is FULLY SUBSCRIBED!
Registration is now closed.

A spiritual Feast of Word and Praise as ARPC gathers for our first Post-COVID church camp! This year, Graham Stanton and John Lennox will expound God's Word to challenge us to walk in step with the Holy Spirit.


8th to 12th
June 2023


Kuala Lumpur,


11th to 19th
March 2023


Working adults:

Non-working adults:

Children (N2 - P6):
Children (N1 & below):

please read
payment details

Frequently asked questions

How much do I have to pay for the camp?

This amount that is paid for the camp is heavily subsidised by the church.

Camp fees are:

  • $450 for working adults,
  • $300 for non-working adults/students (Sec 1 and above)/domestic helpers/full-time NS men,
  • $200 for children N2-P6 and
  • free for children N1 and below.

How do I make payment?

Scan the QR code at the payment page with the scanner within your banking apps/NETSPay app to make payment.

Why is there a split payment for fees higher than $1000?

In order to protect consumers from the recent surge in scams, our local banks have implemented transfer limits on Scan to Pay transactions. eNets limit covers these 3 transactions, Bank Transfer, PayNow & Scan to Pay.

The max daily $999 transaction limit is applied only on the Scan to Pay transaction even when you have increased the limit beyond $999.

How do I complete the split payments?

If you know that your total registration will exceed S$1,000. Go into your bank app to increase your daily eNet / ATM transaction limit to above $1,000. Do note that some banks will take 12 to 24 hrs to effect the increase.

Example :
For a $1500 payment, it will be split into 2 transactions
Payment #1 - $999
Payment #2 - $501

3 options for payment

  1. If you have access to two banking apps, you will use the first app to scan payment #1 and second app to scan payment #2.
  2. If you use Paylah!, with an increased limit to $2,000, you can use the Paylah! app to scan the QR code for payments #1 & #2
  3. If you only have access to only one banking app, wait till the next day (past 0001 hr) to make payment #2 after making the 1st payment. Your camp registration is temporarily confirmed for 48 hrs when you make the first payment. If payment is not completed in the next 48 hours, your registration will be released & subject to availability.

We strongly advise you to use a computer to register so that you can use your phone to scan & make payment.

Since eNets payment is so complicated, why don’t we change to another platform? Why can’t we use Credit Card payment?

We had tested and used this same mode of payment back in 2019, pre covid. We discovered recently that our local banks had imposed transaction limits on Scan to Pay transactions and we have insufficient time to switch to another platform for this year’s registration.

Payments using Credit Cards will incur a transaction fee of 3 - 4% per transaction. Which is significantly more as compared to the 0.3% transaction fees we have to pay for the current mode of payment.

We will be exploring other modes of payment for Church Camp 2024.

I still cannot complete my registration after reading this FAQ. What can I do?

Should you encounter difficulties or do not have the means for electronic payment, do approach the helpdesk on 11 & 12 March 2023, after Saturday 5pm Adam services and between the 9am and 11.30am services at both locations.

I cannot seem to pay online! (eNets might be down)

Please try again on another day through the payment link in the “On-Hold” email.

I would like to go to the camp but cannot afford the charges. Is there some help I can get?

Please approach the pastors and/or your Discipleship Group leaders for information and help. We would love for you to attend and will help as much as possible

I am unable to attend for the whole duration of the camp, is that ok? Is there a reduced registration fee?

Please register as per normal but indicate under the remarks column when you will be arriving / leaving so that we can inform the hotel.
The registration fees remain the same as it is highly subsidised and we are unable to “refund” any charges from the hotel that are unused as part of your stay.

I have paid up for the camp but cannot go. Can I get someone to replace me who has not previously registered or is on the waitlist?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to accede to this. Available spaces will be given to the next person on the waiting list.

Please email us here to withdraw and we will arrange the next person on the waitlist to go in your stead.

got more questions?

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