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What Did You Get for Christmas?

Categories: Glorifying God

Fat Cat

Many of us in prosperous countries would have to agree with this cat and confess grudgingly we simply got fat this Christmas.

Fat cats may look cute and cuddly. But obese humans are another matter altogether. Crippling weight and chronic illnesses tend to characterise us more than “cute” and “cuddly”.

God’s greatest gift is not endless feasting but saving faith by believing in Jesus as our Saviour, Lord and God.

It is sad and tragic when we miss God’s good purpose for us.

We get richer in wealth but poorer in spirit. We are always eating but seldom savouring. Always accumulating but never contented. Always travelling but never arriving. Always succeeding but ever failing to be satisfied.

How much longer are we going to miss God’s purpose for us by rejecting Jesus?

At the mad pace we are rejecting God and replacing Him with very poor substitutes, we are bound to die of obesity by our feeding frenzy on everything else but His Word.

Some of us may die from mental obesity as information overload kills us with anxiety. Most of us may suffer sensual obesity as we bombard our senses with endless entertainment from morning to night.

It is crazy to give and receive every kind of present but to reject God’s gift of Jesus. Only He can stop us from this endless and meaningless cycle of eating, getting fat and exercising till we drop dead as a way of living.

How easily we settle for mindless living under Satan instead of majestic living under God. Tune in tomorrow as I share of our church’s plan for the new year. It might well change – or rescue – the way you eat, drink, get fat and die.

Pastor Chris Chia


Author: Christopher Chia

Converted at Billy Graham Crusade in 1979 while studying in Sydney, Australia. Former journalist. Repented. Now preaching Good News!