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Unpacking Christmas 

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We thank God for every opportunity to share about Jesus. We praise God that about 2500 children, adults and grandparents came to join us in our Christmas Services on Sunday.

More poignantly, many responded to the Christmas message. The pastoral team often has a ball of time thinking up, rehearsing and presenting a faithful gospel message to reach all ages.

This time, we demystified the false hopes we have in 3Ss: from our Superstars – from Elvis the king of rock to MJ the king of Pop – to our Superheroes and, finally, to Santa Claus.

When are we going to learn we cannot sing, dream, laugh, think or battle our way out of our deepest problems of Satan, sin and death?

We live in spiritual darkness when we choose to be spiritually blind to the real God and our real life in knowing him.

Little wonder, Matthew 4:15 (in quoting Isaiah 9) speaks of Jesus’ birth as the dawn of light upon Gentiles.

The true meaning of Christmas is the coming of Jesus to bring us the light of God to illumine us and the love of God to forgive stubborn people like us who are blind to God.

We are personally more flawed than we dare to confess. We are collectively more problematic than we dare to admit.

We desperately need light for our darkened minds and love for our loveless hearts that only the Lord Jesus Christ can offer.

Let us not stubbornly carry on with our lives of quiet desperation. Let us, instead, humbly accept Jesus as God’s good gift to unpack the real meaning of life. Amen.

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Author: Christopher Chia

Converted at Billy Graham Crusade in 1979 while studying in Sydney, Australia. Former journalist. Repented. Now preaching Good News!