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The Nobodies of this World

Categories: Glorifying God


Chris and Mona

We decided to capture this photo lest the opportunity passed forever.

This unremarkable English-chapel looking building is the very place my wife and I met in kindergarten more than 50 years ago in our small town.

She found me irresistible from the moment she saw me! That’s why the cheesy love sign we are attempting to shape for this photo.

More seriously, we were nobodies in a nowhere backwater town. So, we look back and wonder with deepening heartfelt gratitude at how God has loved, saved and used us to share his love with so many all over the world.

God has a habit of using the nobodies of this world to be somebodies in his salvation story.

In Ruth 1, the widow Naomi declared she came back “empty-handed” from the land of Moab. She had buried her husband and 2 sons. She faced a dead-end and was comprehensively destitute.

The truth of the matter is that Naomi did not return empty-handed with nobody but with a somebody named Ruth, her foreign daughter in law.

Quite obviously, this somebody called Ruth was regarded as a nobody by Naomi. Without mincing words, Ruth was invisible to Naomi.

Understandably so. Ruth was an outsider to Israel, a “second-wife” and possibly barren after 10 years of marriage.

Little wonder, she was considered a millstone not a meal ticket by Naomi. Little wonder, Ruth was invisible to Naomi. She could not “value add” to Naomi, so she was no value.

Yet, God in his unthinkable ways, would use Ruth to be the somebody in Naomi’s desperate life.

This forgettable nobody would bring about a reversal of fortunes not simply for a domestic dead-end but for the world’s dead-end cycle of sin and death.
For from Ruth would come Jesus, the Saviour of the world.

So, never get used to dismissing the people in your life as invisible because they seem so valueless to you relationally, emotionally and financially.

The candidates for invisible folk can range from your unnoticed spouse, unspectacular child, burdensome parent to pedestrian friend.

Never get used to treating our loved ones as nobodies.

The diligent husband striving to keep his job and put food on the table. The dutiful wife who’s the unappreciated superwoman balancing work, husband, children, in laws. The responsible child who’s trying their heart out but whose school grades or work KPIs are not showing it.

In our performance driven and discriminating world, it is very easy for us to be a casualty and join the invisible brigade.

Take some time out. See things from God’s eyes. Value people and yourself with his heart. You may be surprised at how he uses nobodies like you and me. Amen.

Author: Christopher Chia

Converted at Billy Graham Crusade in 1979 while studying in Sydney, Australia. Former journalist. Repented. Now preaching Good News!