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The Goodness of Death

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Glorifying God devotions by Pastor Chris


If you visit Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay, you would come across this strange sign: “I am not dead. Just tricking you!”

It refers to this African succulent plant which is copper coloured, looks dried out and dead. It feigns death to protect itself from fatal attacks by insects.

Ironically, its common name is Mother-in-law’s Tongue. Don’t ask me why! Does it refer to the wiliness or survival instinct of a mother-in-law?

Whatever the reason, this plant has learnt the goodness of death. Well, at least, faked death. It survives because it looks dead.

All of us, on the contrary, fake life. We proclaim the goodness of life by pretending we are doing OK without God.

We survive as the human race because we look alive but actually – in God’s eyes – we are the walking dead. Ephesians 2:1 declares us to be “dead in our transgressions and sins”.

We may look and feel alive from our spiralling careers, invigorating friendships and heady success. And so we, understandably, declare the badness of death. It interrupts our good life without God.

Little wonder we invest so much money and energy trying to delay and reverse death through science and medicine. But to no avail because death is not a medical problem. It is a spiritual problem for the wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23).

Which means that no matter how alive we may feel from our self pursuits and self delusion, we are still the walking dead. It is a matter of time before death comes knocking on our door to make a mockery of your life and my life.

So, we should honestly acknowledge – contrary to this African plant –  and declare: “I am not alive. Just tricking you!”

Good Friday remembers the unjust suffering and cruel death of Jesus on the Cross Jesus did not pretend to die. Jesus did not almost die. He really died for us.

As I read and re-read the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ arrest, sham trial, brutal beating, shameless betrayal and proud rejection by all quarters, I am moved by how completely humble he was before man and how comprehensively obedient he was to God.

His is the only good death. Without which we would remain in sin and death. I pray you will delay no longer in feigning life when you are actually spiritually dead to God.

That is why we malign friends, cheat on  spouses, scar kids and abandon parents while pretending it’s still the good life. It’s not.

Accept Jesus this Easter. Stop the faked life. And start living the true life filled with God’s love, forgiveness and new heart.

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Author: Christopher Chia

Converted at Billy Graham Crusade in 1979 while studying in Sydney, Australia. Former journalist. Repented. Now preaching Good News!