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Thanks for the “God Times”

Categories: Glorifying God

We praise God for a blessed time as about 1200 of us gathered for a spiritual feast at our annual Church Camp. We thank God for the life-changing learning as we opened God’s Word to understand our theme of “Image, Bondage & Reimaging” (IBR).

The main message about our “Image” is that we are wonderfully created by God in the beginning to love and glorify Him. And so, we should make delighting in our awesome Creator a daily lifestyle!

No day should pass without us praising God from our food (in the words of Paul Tripp: “Thank you Lord that so much of your glory is edible”) to our steadfast friends and our “always-there-for-us” family.

The lesson about our “bondage” is that we are thoroughly flawed from the Fall. We should make confession of our sin a lifestyle. We should reject our “HDB (hide, deny and blame others) system of self-redemption”.

The point of our “reimaging” is that God has kindly recreated us through His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, to love God and others (Galatians 5:13-15). We should thus make newness of life – to believe in and become like Jesus in his redeeming love – our grand purpose of living.

We no longer want to live “half dead, half alive” lives, where we still so indulgent of our sinful natures and so slack about the new and dynamic real life we have in Christ.

We reject practising a nominal “Christianity of no consequence” and repent to embrace “a Christ who makes ALL the difference” in all areas of life.

We reject the subjective stories we tell ourselves – our political, racial, class and our personal, pleasured or pained tales – as the main narrative controlling and scarring us. Rather, we embrace the objective story of God’s redeeming love in Christ to be THE main voice that speaks in our new hearts.

We believe that empowered by the Spirit of God, this new “reimaging” in Christ is possible as we live between the “now-but-not-yet” of Jesus’ 1st and 2nd Coming.

God masterfully weaved this redeeming message of “Image-Bondage-Reimaging” (IBR) through the Main Talks, Camp Discipleship Groups, Grill the Pastors & Missionaries, combined Workshop, the 3 Mission sharing spots (on Cambodia, Philippines & the Boys Brigade), Prayer & Praise night (with our Mandarin Ministry folk), personal conversations with one another and yummy suppers.

My “favourite” spot was the vulnerable and moving Finale Testimonies by Peter, Kenneth, Benny, Isaac, Janice, Sheryl and Lau – each giving us precious insights of the personal, painful yet glorious journey of IBR under Christ.

I end by thanking a representative list of all who served so faithfully – our stirling Camp Committee under Wesley, Norvin and Joe, our enduring Children’s Church teachers, our gifted musicians under Adrian & Luke, our CDG leaders and coach leaders.

It was personally such honor, joy and fun for me to share the teach with Lois Kehlenbrink, who throughly enjoyed us, and to keep growing with all of us in ARPC. Unlike others who are thankful for the good times, we as followers of Jesus, are thankful for the “God times”. May God empower us to be glorious unto Him. Amen.

Author: Christopher Chia

Converted at Billy Graham Crusade in 1979 while studying in Sydney, Australia. Former journalist. Repented. Now preaching Good News!