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Star Warz

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I wish you all a blessed Christmas. Our church just put up a simple presentation called Star Warz depicting life as a cosmic struggle between God and Satan over our humanity and destiny.

The Bible tells us that the most glorious thing about being human is to glorify God. If that is true, the opposite is too – the most inglorious thing about being human is to glorify self.

Romans 1:21ff presents our rebellion against God as a crude grasp at glory – that though we should acknowledge him as God, we neither glorified nor gave thanks to God.

In doing so, we became fools and worshipped created things instead of the Creator. We chose the idolatry of self over the worship of God.

The repercussions of this broken relationship with God vertically is brokeness with one another humanly.

We become filled with all manner of relational sins – from envy, murder, strife, deceit, gossip, slander, arrogance to disobedience to parents.

If we analyse the gist or heart of every domestic fight or quarrel, it is often about who should get the glory. We have huge fights over who should be the star or celebrity of a relationship, marriage, family, business or church.

There is often no limit to getting our way by getting rid of the other. So much of our pain in life is from the star or glory wars we wage in our hearts against one another.

Whether it is a mother psychoing her kids to take her side against their father, or teenagers ganging up to bully a friend on social media or corporate and church leaders playing sophisticated office politics – we all engage in petty star wars.

And it is sickening to God and us. Our petty glory wars is rather gory. It leaves behind many casualties – spiritually, relationally and emotionally.

The coming of Jesus into the world is to end our petty star wars. The movement of his heart and life was always from self to God – which is completely opposite to our sinful nature.

That is why the true message of Christmas is incomparably liberating! Only Jesus can reverse the wrong direction of our life – making the whole world revolve around us and our self-importance by making it rightly revolve around God and his glory.

Christmas is about putting us in our place as mere subjects by putting God in his rightful place as majestic king.

When that happens, we don’t need to be tormented by petty star wars and who should get the glory in our relationships, marriages, families, work and church.

We will be freest and fullest in simply giving glory to God in every circumstance by exalting and imitating Jesus. A blessed Christmas.

Pastor Chris Chia

Star Warz

Author: Christopher Chia

Converted at Billy Graham Crusade in 1979 while studying in Sydney, Australia. Former journalist. Repented. Now preaching Good News!