To be a Bible-centered and Christ-like community
committed to growing in love for God, God’s people, God’s world.

Missions Preparation and Training

“Missions Roundtable sessions, especially the retreats, have been insightful in showing me the different aspects of evangelism, both cross-culturally and in my home circles. The fellowship is special: a spiritual shot in the arm to spur me on to live more faithfully and boldly for Christ!”

Wui Chuen

We believe strongly in the proper preparation of our members and regulars as they embark on cross-cultural missions. And the process of preparation is a life-long, iterative process of Reflection, Education and Transformation.

ARPC has a series of mentoring and training programmes set up for “goers”. These will be designed to help nurture and mentor missions candidates, verifying their suitability as cross-cultural gospel workers and finally preparing them for fruitfulness in the missions field.

Here are a few documents that will help you in your journey to cross-cultural missions with ARPC:

  1. ARPC Missions Training Handbook This document would helpful for anyone who is starting on his/her first mission trip. It aims to provide an introduction to cross-cultural missions, while providing pastoral guidance to help him/her to serve by grace, resulting in a deeper walk with God. Click here to download
  2. Missions Mentoring Handbook aims to help those who are serious in exploring long-term cross-cultural missions. It provides a framework to help an individual to find his/her guidance from God, and to journey with a spiritual mentor.


For more information on our partnership philosophy, do download the Missions Policy Handbook 2010 too!