To be a Bible-centered and Christ-like community
committed to growing in love for God, God’s people, God’s world.

Ministry Apprenticeship Programme (MAP)


There is a growing need for Christian workers as the Gospel goes forth to the ends of the earth. ARPC wants to be committed to God’s Great Commission.

The Ministry Apprentice Program (MAP) is our training program to identify and train potential people suitable for Christian ministry. MAP will focus on the 3 essentials of CKS (Character, Knowledge and Skills).

Through the three stages in MAP, our prayer is to produce Godly Christian men and women to serve as Pastors, Missionaries and Leaders in ARPC, Singapore and beyond.

Step 1: MAP Staffworkers

Suitable candidates will be encouraged to enter into a 2-year hands-on and full-paying training programme with ARPC. This is to expose them to the rigors and realities of full-time Christian work as they teach the Bible, relate to people and grow in Godliness.

Step 2: MAP Associates

Suitable Staffworkers may be supported for fulltime theological training with the goal of serving ARPC, Singapore and beyond.

Step 3: Fulltime Ministers of the Gospel

MAP Associates supported by ARPC will either join the ARPC Pastoral Team or be encouraged to serve outside ARPC. Depending on the suitability of the candidate, the needs of the church and circumstances, the pastors and leaders will prayerfully guide the candidate to the next ministry.