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Drawn by Light Ministry

Our Photography Ministry! Photography in the Greek root words mean “drawn by light”. It captures the essence of photography as we need light to capture images. Therefore we named our group Drawn by Light, but as a Christian ministry the name has a double meaning as we want to draw others to Christ who is the Light – as we are also drawn to Him.

DLM continued to serve the wider body at ARPC with our God-given talents by capturing photos of church life and activities in 2015. We organized photography workshops through guest speakers, who share their vast experience with the workshop participants. Through these speakers, we hope to share the Gospel in a personal manner that is non-threatening and to get the participants to reflect about the deeper issues of life. We also had a retreat for the DLM team in December this year. In addition, Ang Chor Chen discussed with the team about the allocation of resources with events to cover at both Adam and Bishan. As we enter 2016, which is our 6th year as a church ministry, we pray that we can continue to serve with joy and be united as a team.

Contact Ang Chor Chen or James Kwan for information.