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Light from Asia 009: ARPC Mandarin Ministry: Part Two

Categories: Light From Asia (ARPC Missions)

It is indeed good news that God the Father sent Jesus to die for our sins.  Who will receive this news? Who will be brought to new life by this calling? No doubt it is for our friends and colleagues. It is for the unreached across the oceans. What is more, it is for our parents and the elderly among us.  Jackson says, “I’ve seen elderly who came to know the Lord in their 80s…in the years they’ve shown themselves to love God deeply, to love God’s word deeply.” Today we will hear from one Singaporean who discovered that God would use him to point others to Jesus.

This is the second instalment featuring the ARPC Mandarin Ministry.  Last time in episode 8 we heard from Juliana.  Today Jackson shares his perspective.

Author: Frank Kwong