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Light from Asia 008: ARPC Mandarin Ministry: Part One

Categories: Light From Asia (ARPC Missions)

Today we hear from Juliana. Like many Singaporeans, English is her primary language.  Her parents may have been born before Singapore’s independence, but she grew up in a much more developed country.

Her passion is to share Jesus with people who are different from her.  She does this in the ARPC Mandarin Ministry. Two barriers make this difficult.  She must communicate in Mandarin. Secondly, she must overcome a wide generation gap.  Most of the people in the Mandarin Ministry are over 60 years old.  The culture of these seniors developed at a very different time in history.  So their beliefs and priorities are very different from the younger generations.  Thus, Juliana must cross over to speak another language and be able to communicate Jesus to another generation.  Wui Chiuen discovers her story.

Author: Frank Kwong