Keith & Kristyn Getty

Sing! with Keith & Kristyn Getty

in association with the Sing! World tour

Sat, 24 June 2023

The Star Theatre

7 PM

hosted by Adam Road Presbyterian church

Keith and Kristyn Getty have blessed the world with life-changing gospel hymns. Adam Road Presbyterian Church humbly presents The Gettys 2023 "Sing! Asia" Concert.

Come for this one night only concert.
Leave for a lifetime of worship!

Priority access for ARPC Members and Regulars to purchase the Getty's Sing! Asia Concert tickets start on

March 18 2023, 8 am

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The promo code to access the priority booking can be found in our weekly e-Newsletter or via your DG leaders. Please approach any church staff if you need more information.

Ticket sales for the PUBLIC start on March 19 2023, 8 AM