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Wandering Heart (An ARPC Easter Friendship Event)

  • ACS(I) 121 Dover Road, Singapore 139650

They say, home is where the heart is. What if the heart wanders, always wanting to be somewhere else, or even someone else?

Wandering Heart tells the story of two brothers, born and raised in the same home but who made vastly different choices in the paths they would take. Many years on, living completely separate and different lives and having families of their own, the brothers are confronted by the true motivations of their hearts and the deeply rooted anger and disappointment they have carried throughout their lives. Once again, in the midst of their struggle, they have to make a choice. How will each respond? Will they finally find what their wandering hearts have been seeking?

Come join us and invite friends and families to see how life can turn out to be strangely amazing and yet make perfect sense.

There will be two Wandering Heart musical presentations by The Believers, a Music Ministry of Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church.

Venue: CPA2, Anglo Chinese School (Independent) at 121 Dover Road, Singapore 139650.

Date: Saturday, 31 March 2018


  1. 2.30 pm (2-hour show)
  2. 6.30 pm (2-hour show)

To avoid disappointment, do register online quickly: 2.30pm, register here and 6.30pm, here

Important Notes:

  1. The musical will be appreciated by children from ages 6 and up. Each child will need a ticket. There will be no children church services during the Musical.
  2. A reception will be provided from 5 pm to 6 pm, in between the two shows.