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Mid-Autumn Fellowship 中秋庆祝会

  • 04:15 PM
  • 25 Adam Road Singapore 289894

Come join us! Mandarin Ministry is organizing an evening event for us to bring our parents or mandarin speaking friends to fellowship over mooncakes and hear testimony from ex Radio DJ,  Wong Lee Jeng (汪丽贞) 

Thank you for your support. The event is now fully subscribed.






Wong Lee Jeng (汪丽贞) Worships at Prinsep Street Presbyterian Mandarin Service.
An awarding Winning  ex-Radio DJ of 95.8 FM. Aspire to write at 13 years old, received Christ when she was 15. She published a poetry collection at 27 and won a national award. As a DJ she has also won numerous awards.




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