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Church Camp 6-10 June, 2018

Church Camp Registration Video

Church Camp register here!

Please show this confirmed Church Camp Registration notice that you have received in your e-mail when you are making your payment at the Payment Collection Booth at both Adam and Bishan on March 24 & 25 and April 7 & 8

ARPC Camp 2018 FAQ


When does the registration portal open and close?

It will be open from 12th March to 8th April 2018. However, your place in the camp is not confirmed until payment is made and confirmations are on first paid first confirmed basis.

Why won’t the site allow me to register although it is between 12th March to 8th April?

It is likely that there are no more registration slots available as we have a limited number of places this year.

I am not computer savvy and/or do not have a computer. Where can I find help?

The registration system is available on mobile and you can get a friend/DG mate to help you to register.

We are also running a help desk over 17th-18th March 2018 should you need to ask us any questions. Or you can email to but please note that we will take some time to respond as this is run by volunteers.

Can my friend register for me? How do I do that?

There are 2 options available:

  1. Register under your friend’s login if you don’t have an email. Please ensure that the correct accommodation type of “Single” or “Family” is selected for yourself. If you select family under your friend’s login, we might wrongly room you together as a family.
  2. Your friend uses your own email to register for camp. This would be preferential.

I don’t have all my personal details yet, can I fill up the registration form partially and come back to fill in the other details later?

We have decided to not allow partial entries from being saved as it opens up the risk of incomplete registration forms. It is better to look through what fields are required, consolidate the information before going in to fill out the entire form.

You are however able to save a completed form with “inaccurate” entries and return at a later date to edit your form. See next FAQ.

I am still waiting for my passport collection, can I still register for camp?

Yes, you can key in your current expiring passport details first. You can edit all your details until the 8th April 2018. If you need to make any edits after the 8th April, please send us an email to

I am not in a Discipleship Group (DG), can I register for church camp?

Yes. However, we would strongly encourage you to join a DG!

Editing Registration Entries

How do I edit my registration information if I realise that I have made a mistake?

Return to the start page and click on ARPC camp 2018. There will be a line stating that you have current tickets to the event. Click on that to get back to editing your data.

Please see the video embedded on the start page.

When is the last day I am able to edit my information?

We will lock the registration site after 8th April 2018. If you have to update passport details after 8th April 2018, please email to with your full name/booking ID and updated passport details.

Payment and Confirmation

How much do I have to pay for the camp?

This amount that is paid for the camp is heavily subsidised by the church. There are no pro-rated amounts even if you are attending the camp partially or if you are finding alternative accommodations.

Fees are as follows:

  • $350 for working adults
  • $250 for non-working adults/students Sec 1 and above/domestic helpers/full time NS man
  • $150 for N2-P6
  • Free for N1 and below

I would like to go to the camp but cannot afford the charges. Is there some help I can get?

Please approach the pastors and your DG leaders for assistance. We would love for you to attend the camp and will help as much as possible.

What payment options are there?

Payment only accepted via NETS this year.

When and where will the payment collection be?

We will set up collection booths at both Adam and Bishan over 24th-25th March 2018 and 7th-8th April 2018, after services.

How do I know if I am a confirmed camper?

Your place in the camp is only confirmed after payment which is on a first pay, first confirmed basis.

If you come to pay but registrations are full, we will take down your registration confirmation code, and date and time when you turned up to pay. We will then offer waitlisted people a chance to pay and confirm their attendance at the camp based on the date and time stamp when they turned up to pay.

Withdrawal from Camp

How do I make withdrawal from church camp? Can I get a refund?

Please send your withdrawal request to Refunds will be made for withdrawal requests submitted by 1st May 2018. Refunds will be made in August after we have closed our accounts.

Beyond this date, we will consider refunds based on the validity of the reason for withdrawal.

An alternative to a refund is to gift the amount to the church as an offering.

I have paid up for the camp but cannot go. Can I pick someone to replace me who has not previously registered or is on the waitlist?

Unfortunately no. This is because that would be unfair to those who have registered but who are on the waitlist.

Please email us at to withdraw and we will allow the next person on the waitlist to go in your stead.


How do I get to camp? Is transport provided?

You may choose to take a plane or drive there at your own expense. Alternatively,  you can take the complimentary coaches that are arranged by the church.

We would like to ask everyone to select the coaching option only if you are certain about it. In previous years, we had many last minute cancellations which led to wasted seats on the coaches. Should there be a change of travel plans, please do email us as soon as possible at

Does the hotel provide airport transfer?

No. Please consider using Uber/Grab or the airport transfer available at the airport.


If I come late on the day the coaches leave ARPC, will the coach wait for me?

We encourage you to be punctual out of love for your fellow coaching campers. We will wait for a maximum of 15 mins and then the coaches will leave. We will try to fit you onto later coaches where possible. In the worst case scenario, you will have to find alternative transport arrangements. Please keep your mobile turned on and be contactable. Do inform your coach leaders if you are running late.

Can I ask for coaching at registration and then back out at the last moment?

We would like to ask for your understanding in this regard. The church has to confirm the number of buses by early May and pay a deposit for it. Coaching preferences cannot be changed after 8th April 2018. If you really need to have plans changed, please send an email to Please inform us of any changes so that we do not waste money on hiring buses that we do not need. The coaches are provided at no additional charge to campers and it should not be abused.


I requested for connecting rooms, why did I not get it?

There are limited connecting rooms in the hotel. The accommodation team will try their best to arrange who gets these rooms, based on needs.

Can I request for a particular type of room?

As we have a large number of people attending church camp, we will assign room based primarily on availability and needs.

I would like to stay in the same hotel before or after the camp. What do I do?

Please key in the dates that you would like to stay in the camp hotel under the accommodation remarks. We will liaise with the hotel regarding the cost of the rooms and inform you. The rooms will include breakfast as a standard.

You can alternatively book via the hotel’s online booking system but the room that you book might be different from the one assigned to you at camp. You might then have to move rooms should that be the case.

The hotel prefers the former method.

My helper is coming with us but I would like her to stay in a separate room. How do I arrange that?

When you fill in the registration, under registration type (1st question) please select “Single” for your helper’s registration.

My child is a teenager and would like to stay separately from us with his/her friend. How do I arrange that?

When you fill in the registration, under registration type (1st question) please select “Single” for your child. You will need to their preferred room-mate’s full name (as in NRIC) and NRIC number.

 Pre-Camp Briefing

When is the pre-camp briefing?

It will be 2 weekends before the camp on the 26th-27th May 2018 after each service in both Adam and Bishan.

I have been to camp so many times, why do I have to attend the briefing?

During briefing, we will distribute the T-shirts, run a final check on coaching arrangements and Children’s Church duties. We also disseminate useful and/or new information and clarify any questions raised.


Do I need to buy insurance for church camp?

Yes. We trust fully in our Lord but we need to exercise individual prudence as well.

I have special needs or am travelling with a person with special needs, how do I make my requirements known?

Please key in special requests in the registration form when you sign up. We will get in touch with you to see how we can help and if we can accede to your request.

Can I change my camp T-shirt size?

There will be limited pieces for exchange. Please go to bookends on 2nd-3rd June 2018 at both Adam and Bishan to effect the exchange if needed.

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