To be a Bible-centered and Christ-like community
committed to growing in love for God, God’s people, God’s world.

A Snapshot for 2018

Lifelong Reformation

A word from Christopher Chia, Senior Pastor

Welcome to Adam Road Presbyterian Church (ARPC)!  What can you expect?

Christians around the world rightly celebrated 2017 as the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. Yet, it will be so wrong to commemorate this movement as a once-off event.

The real gem of this movement is not simply to remember the great human personages raised for the Reformation – from Germany’s Luther, Switzerland’s Calvin to England’s Cranmer – but to worship the greatest person behind the Reformation, God and the Lord Jesus Christ!

God in his loving sovereignty preserved the true gospel about His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, from the falsehood of the Roman Catholic Church of the 1500s. For about 1000 years, the western Roman Catholic church had distorted Christianity into a burdensome “saved-by-works” effort instead of a “saved-by-grace” gift in Jesus our Lord. Then God purposed the Reformation to preserve the true gospel that offers us Christ and Christ alone.

So, our theme for 2018 is intentionally “Lifelong Reformation”. Our prayer and goal is to glorify God by offering needy people true reformation for our fallen condition and sinful hearts that is only possible through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We do this by holding fast to the 4 Solas (alones) – “grace alone, Bible alone, Christ alone and faith alone” – until Jesus returns in glory.

So what can you expect for 2018 as you journey with us as God’s people in ARPC?

1. By God’s grace, this is our commitment to “Word Alone” in our Preaching & Teaching:

Jan – Mar: The King & I”. Encountering Jesus in Mark’s Gospel.

Mar – May: God’s Kings and Us based on the historical book of 2 Kings. 

Jun: Rest: The Goodness of Doing Nothing.

Jul – Sep: Glorious Christ, Inglorious Church based on 1 Corinthians about our painful failings

Oct – Nov: “Saved by Judgment?” based on the books of Obadiah & Micah about God’s wrath & mercy.

Dec: Christmas Unveiled

2. Our highlights on proclaiming God’s Word for 2018 include:
  • “In The Beginning”. Our 1st Equip Conference of 2018 on Genesis 1-4. Speaker: Alasdair Paine of St Andrew the Great Church, Cambridge, UK (Feb 26-27).
  • Jesus Amongst Other Gods.” An Evangelistic Conference (May 24. TBC), with Ravi Zacharias. A great way to share with family and friends why Jesus is God.
  • Church Camp: “Followership!” (June 6-10). A new look Camp with Pastor Chris Chia anchoring the main talks on what it truly means to follow Jesus in all seasons – as children, youth, singles & adults – while Christian artiste Colin Buchanan anchors our All-Age Worship. This is a “wow” camp not to be missed.
  • Our 2nd Equip Conference on “Where To From Here? A Conference on Sexuality & Identity” (Aug 7-8 or 14-15. TBC).

3. By God’s grace, here are some ministries to keep us on focussed on “Christ Alone”:

a. Our Heart Condition

We are praying and encouraging EACH person to follow Jesus in his walk with God as he obeyed God’s will. We are encouraging us to be N.U.T.s!

Non-negotiable daily appointment with God in prayer Undistracted daily time with God in His Word
Total devotion to God!

Unless we are humbled enough to be ministered by God we have no power to minister to others. Let us all go “NUTs” in our worship of God. Nurture our

personal prayer by joining our monthly Church Prayer Fellowship.

b. Our Discipleship Groups (DGs)

We are encouraging us to have a heart to save God’s world. We are going to pray intentionally for God’s countries by using Operation World. We have set out a Praying Schedule that we can use personally, in our DGs and our families.

c. ARPC’s Marketplace Ministry (AMM)

Our AMM Mission is simple but profound:

Empowering the Believer at Work

Empowering the Worker to Believe

We seek to win our 21st century cities of the world for Christ.

d. Marriage Enrichment Retreats (MERs)

How do we mature God’s people in the changing seasons of marriage & family? Marriage and families are under attack by Satan.

ARPC seeks to nurture “marriages for life and families for life”.

In ARPC, we are serious about this: “Making lifelong disciples of Jesus

from childhood to adulthood.” We work hard to pass down the gospel

to the next generations even as we pass it on to others. In that light,

ARPC is starting a Special Needs Support Group (SNSG) to minister to the growing number of visible and invisible “disabilities”.

Our Services and ministries are all geared to building bridges for the seam- less transition of our children to youth and from youth to adults. God has

blessed us with a Triple Learning approach. Our adult sermons, Chil- dren’s Church and youth (called BASIC) study similar Biblical books to

grow as a family. We are inter-generational as we encourage our youth to worship with their parents in Services in addition to their youth fellowship.

A Personal Reformation

By God’s grace, Mona and I begin our 28th year of loving, serving and wor- shipping God with you. It is our singular joy and privilege. Let us increas- ingly enjoy being loved by God, saved by God and a blessing for His glory.

Let us do this as God’s “One Church in Two Places”. This is such a beau- tiful expression and unique witness of ARPC to God’s glory in Singapore and the world. Many churches speak of love and unity, but very few “walk the walk” to glorify God as Jesus told us to.

Yes, some of us may be disinterested teenagers, struggling singles, tenta- tive couples, tired out parents, retired grandparents or lonely retirees as we journey through life. Yet, through it all, we have seen so many in ARPC saved by Christ and grow to love God by His grace.

It is with this undeniable assurance of God’s invincible love in Christ Jesus our Lord that Mona and I march forth – prayerfully and humbly with you as leaders and members in ARPC – to save lost people with Jesus our Lord.

Come and join us in worshipping our glorious God together.

Yours for God’s glory, Christopher Chia