To be a Bible-centered and Christ-like community
committed to growing in love for God, God’s people, God’s world.

A Snapshot for 2020

2020 Vision of God’s Glory

A word from Christopher Chia, Senior Pastor

2020 kicks off not simply a new year but a new decade!  Our theme for the year is understandably 2020 Vision of God’s Glory. 

I was preaching at a rather large church in Jakarta. What caught my eye was their in-house cafe called COFFEE, an acronym for “Christ Offers Forgiveness for Everyone Everywhere”!  

I have never looked at coffee that way before! There is always a fresh way to look at things.  

We, in ARPC, are going to seize the day in 2020 to see things God’s way with fresh eyes. Only then can we glorify God in everything. What does it mean for us to love, believe and follow Jesus in the 21st century? What does worship and witness of God in a digital and globalised world look like? How do we reach out to and build up children, youth, singles, families and the ageing as we gospel them? 

We want to reject a “familiarity that breeds contempt” as it tempts us to be spiritually lazy and nominal with God, which must never be! So, by God’s grace, we want to press the reset button. God’s word for reset is “repentance”. This essentially means a change of mind to the precious things of God so that we increasingly glorify Him in every area of our life. 

Our whole preaching program (see below) will focus on seeing God,  ourselves and our world  anew as we read Genesis 1-50, Matthew’s Gospel and Colossians  on Jesus’ Supremacy in all matters. 

This will culminate in key spiritual high points with two bonanza Equip Conferences, our Men’s Conference, Creation Care initiatives, missions and our Church Camp on Love!  

Come join us in ARPC as we journey in being Bible-centred, Christ-centred and God-glorifying as we live, love, pray, serve and wait for our great Lord Jesus Christ. Come Lord Jesus! 

Jan-Apr: Genesis 1-12: “Seeing our Beginnings Clearly” for our identity, security and destiny. 

Apr-May: Matthew 13-18: “Seeing Jesus’ Suffering Clearly” (in Matthew’s Gospel).

Jun: Seeing God’s Mission Clearly: Motivation and inspiration to be on God’s Mission.

Jul-Aug: Colossians: “Seeing Jesus’ Supremacy Clearly”

Sep-Nov: Genesis 12-50: “Seeing our Beginnings Clearly II”! 

Dec: Christmas!

Our spiritual high points for 2020! 

1. The John Piper Visit

We are blessed to have John Piper – well known pastor, author and teacher of Desiring God ministries – grace us for our 1st 2020 Equip Conference! John will be giving two seminal talks.   

  • “God is the Gospel” (Tuesday, March 17, 7.30-9.30 pm). John will take us back to the heart of Christianity that God himself is the Gospel! We pray this will be a great blessing to the Singapore Church as Pastors John and Chris Chia encourage us to be authentic followers and brave witnesses of Jesus Christ. 
  • A Leaders & Listeners Conference: Expository Exultation & Exaltation of God (Wednesday, March 18, 7.30-9.30 pm). This conference is to equip both Christian leaders, pastors and members to understand and teach the Bible faithfully. Christians believe in what we call “expository preaching”, which is the faithful and systematic God’s Word fulfilled in the person and work of Jesus Christ. Yet, many churches and Christians are weak in this discipline of God’s Word to our own peril. 

This is a most desperate need today. All who love and teach the Bible to any age group – from children to adults, from the local church to overseas missions – will be blessed by this!  Join the wider church in Singapore to reach our nation with faithful expository preaching.

Both Conferences will be held at the very accessible Fairmont Ballroom, Raffles City Convention Centre. Save the date. Register early. Places are limited! 

2. Church Camp (June 11-15): Seeing Jesus’ Love Clearly (1 John)

Our new-look Church Camp will have our guest speaker & pastor Chris Chia anchoring the main talks on God’s Love, Jesus Love and our Love for one another. Christian artiste Colin Buchanan shares his uplifting gospel songs with young and all. This is a camp not to be missed. 

3. Equip Conference Two: God’s Good Design of Singleness, Sexuality & Fullness” (Sep 4 – 9 TBC)  

Sam Allberry – author, pastor, apologist and contently single – will be giving life-changing messages in this 3-night conference centred on the key topics: 

Night 1: Singleness & Fullness. Our first Singleness Conference   

Night 2: Sexuality, Purity & Glory.  

Night 3: Redeemed People in a Broken World (how singles, marrieds, widows & divorcees can be a living witness of Jesus’ ONE church in our broken world).  

4. ARPC Men’s Conference (April): Real Men

Men today struggle. We struggle with purpose. We struggle with porn. Should men be strong? Should they be sensitive? How should men lead? Pastor Chris Chia and team will anchor this conference which will equip Godly men in partnership with our Discipleship Groups. Not to be missed!  

A Personal Thanksgiving 

By God’s grace, Mona and I begin our 30th year of loving and serving God with you in ARPC! It has been our singular joy and privilege to serve you in ARPC. We met and ministered to some of you as stressed students, bubbly youth, seeking singles, tired parents, lost middle agers or disillusioned retirees. Yet through it all, we have pointed to Jesus and hope he has been so real and so good to you. 

Mona and I march forth – prayerfully and humbly with you as our fellow leaders and members in ARPC – to save lost people and build them up to maturity with Jesus our Lord. Come and join us in worshipping our glorious God together. 

   Let us do this as God’s “One Church in Two Places”. This is such a beautiful expression and unique witness of ARPC to God’s glory in Singapore and the world. Many churches speak of love and unity, but very few “walk the walk” to glorify God as Jesus told us to. 

We look to God’s Spirit and prayer to empower us for our goal. “Making lifelong disciples of Jesus from childhood to adulthood.” We seek to do this in these main ways.

By God’s grace, here are some ministries to keep us focussed on “Christ Alone” 

a. Discipleship Groups (DGs) 

The backbone of ARPC is our DGs. About 1000 people attend more than 80 DGs. The goal of our DGs is maturity to be like Jesus. We encourage and equip our people to mature in God’s Love, God’s Word, God’s Ministry, God’s Mission and Prayer.

One way to grow is to Multiply & Minister (M&M). God is blessing our growth in both ARPC@Adam and ARPC@Bishan as more people come to listen to the Bible taught every week in our Services. We need to give them a spiritual home where people love and grow together in small groups. We pray that 4-6 of our DGs will embark on M&M each year. God did not save us for our comfort but for Christ’s sake. We pray to avoid fossilised holy huddles and be on the move for God for others’ holiness.    

We work hard to pass down the gospel to the next generations. God has blessed us with about 800-900 children. We have used a Triple Learning approach to bless our different generations. Our adult sermons, Children’s Church (CC) and youth (BASIC) study similar Biblical books to grow unitedly as a family. We start a Vacation Program (June & December) to refresh our teachers and involve the wider church in diverse and creative teaching of our children. 

c. Transformers III (from BASIC, our Youth Ministry) 

This is to help our young adults – from NS men, undergraduates, new graduates and workers  — transit into adulthood. This is part of our inter-generational church as we mature our youth to lifelong followers of Jesus.  

Yours for God’s glory, 
Christopher Chia