To be a Bible-centered and Christ-like community
committed to growing in love for God, God’s people, God’s world.

A Snapshot for 2017

Reformation and Transformation

A word from Christopher Chia, Senior Pastor

Welcome to Adam Road Presbyterian Church (ARPC)! What can you expect?

By God’s grace, we in ARPC are passionate about Christ and his church.

Yes, we are keen about the Word of God yet we are keener about the God of Word.

Yes, we are fervent about the mission of God yet we rejoice more in the God of mission.

Yes, we are “on” about the gospel yet we are more “on” about the God of the gospel.

Yes, we are Christ-centred yet we delight more in being Christ- like.

In each of the above, there is a subtle but substantial difference.

The former all have a seductive power to turn our faith into an ugly form of human self-effort. The latter all have a saving power to keep our faith as a beautiful relationship with God.

Below are some small expressions how the beautiful Lordship of Jesus pops up in our midst:

Mr Chan shares: “Every ‘Sunday’ was crazy. We are a family of four. But we worshipped in four different churches! I was like a taxi driver on Sunday. I drove my wife to a traditional church. Then I dropped my mother in a Chinese-speaking church. And, finally, I dropped my son in a contemporary church because he liked fol- lowing his friends.

Then someone introduced us to ARPC. It is truly an all-age church. Now, my mother goes to the Mandarin fellowship while my wife, son and I can attend the English-language service. We treasure the same solid sermons each week and worship God as one. We have grown so much. ARPC is so special and so rare in that way. It truly seeks to love God and love people from all walks of life – from former convicts to scholars.”

A single lady: “I was one insecure person. I kept climbing the career ladder by working hard and working late. Then I realised my bio clock was ticking away. I started to panic about being ‘left on the shelf’ and began anxiously looking for a life partner. A friend invited me to ARPC. The first sermon I heard was about dying to self and surrendering to Jesus. I did that. I am learning to be truly secure in Christ.”

A returned graduate: “I got converted while studying overseas and had no home church. By God’s grace, I met Pastor Chris while he was preaching overseas. I have found a spiritual home at ARPC where so many are serving God actively after university!”

Jack: “My wife passed away. I was completely lost about everything. Lost about the funeral. Lost about the future. In desperation, I ‘randomly’ called ARPC for help. The pastors came to help me with everything – from the wake services, to the funeral, to scattering the ashes and moving on. I have experienced the love of God.”

At ARPC, you can expect nothing less than the beauty of a true life lived under the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our prayer is simple: To Tell the World of Jesus and To Become More Like Jesus.

Our motto is clear: To make lifelong disciples of Jesus from childhood to adulthood.

What will 2017 look like for us in ARPC?

Our 2017 theme is “God’s Reformation & Transformation”.
We celebrate 500 years of the Reformation. We are saved by believing in the 4 solas (alone’s) of God. We saved by Grace, by Word, by Christ and by faith alone!

We renew our love for God, His Word and His Mission for His Glory.

Here are some new initiatives to keep maturing us as God’s people:

Discipleship Groups: How “To Be a Disciple & Make A Disciple” by re-firing our personal love for God.

ARPC Workplace Ministry (AWM): How to equip our people to be better witnesses in our work.

Marriage Enrichment Retreats (MERs): How to mature God’s people in the changing seasons of marriage & family.

Reaching Nation & Neighborhood: How to optimise our stewardship as God’s “One Church in Two Places”.

Our Preaching & Teaching for 2017 based on the theme of Reformation & Transformation:

Jan-March: “A Transforming Journey” as we encounter Jesus in Luke 13:22-19:27.

March-May: “God Transforms the World” based on the apocalyptic book of Daniel.

June: “Radical Evangelism”

July-Sep: “A Better Transformation based the book of Hebrews about Jesus’ su- premacy.

Oct-Nov: “Transformed by Suffering” based on the book of Job about faith in the face of evil.

Dec: “A Reformed Christmas”

Our highlights for 2017 includes:

Paul Tripp preaching at our Easter Convention & ARPC Easter Services (Apr 15-16).

A Joint Conference on “Identity, Sexuality & Glory” (April 28-29)

1st Equip Conference (May 17-21), with Gary Millar, preaching on Deuteronomy: “Second Reading, First Love”.

Church Camp (June 14-18), with Pastor Chris Chia and Jeff Arthurs, professor of preaching at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, sharing on “The End Times” from 1 Thessalonians.

2nd Equip Conference on “Heaven or Hell”.

Growing as God’s Family

By God’s grace, Mona and I celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary this January! And 27 of those years have been spent serving God and his people in ARPC. It’s been an absolute spiritual blessing to be part of your lives.

The most significant event in our lives last year was the baptism of Mona’s father two weeks before he passed onto glory. Though there was “a lot of doing” as we visited him frequently in Malaysia during his last days. But, much of the doing was in prayer.

Through prayer, the local church in Malaysia rallied around a dying man, giving him hope of heaven. Through prayer, the non-Christian members in Mona’s family requested for her Dad’s baptism and a Christian burial. Through prayer, Mona and I experienced the joy seeing a strong- willed man surrender to the gracious invitation of God to confess his sin and believe in Jesus.

It is our joy and privilege to pray that each of you will enjoy the same power of prayer and sense the presence of God. This is so that we can increasingly enjoy being loved by God, being saved by God and being a blessing for His glory.

We first met some of you as listless teenagers, struggling singles, tentative couples, tired-out parents, retired grand- parents or lonely retirees. We have jour- neyed with you through your seasons of dizzy love, debilitating hatred or crushing sadness. We have rejoiced with you at weddings, sorrowed with you through setbacks and cried with you through sickness.

Yet, through it all, we have seen so many in ARPC grow in loving God as we com- plete His mission by His grace. It is with this undeniable assurance of God’s invin- cible love in Christ Jesus our Lord that Mona and I march forth – prayerfully and humbly with you in ARPC – to save dis- placed people with displaced loves.

Let us do this as God’s “One Church in Two Places”. This is such a beautiful expression and unique witness of ARPC to God’s glory in Singapore and the world. Many churches speak of love and unity but very few “walk the talk” in obedience to God.

Come and join us in worshipping our glorious God as His reformed and trans- formed people.

Yours for God’s glory, Christopher Chia (Senior Pastor)