Who We Are Under God

1. ARPC is Gospel-Centered & Bible-Centered Church

We take the gospel full-heartedly by taking God’s Word seriously as the supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct. We are committed to:

Expository Preaching that explains the full counsel of God not simply on Sundays but every day in all our ministries – from children to adults, from prisons to university work and from Services to small groups.

Biblical Theology that explains God’s salvation story foretold in the Old Testament fulfilled in the person of Jesus Christ. This keeps us from misrepresenting Christianity as mere religion, moralism or legalism. Christianity is having a right relationship with God as our Father and Jesus our Saviour and Lord.

Discipling God’s people to follow Jesus and love God by knowing, teaching and living God’s Word. Each week, about 300 of our leaders teach the Bible faithfully in big group, small groups and one-to-one to our 800 children, 300 youth and 1,800 adults.

Being a Bible-centered and Spirit-filled people as there is no dichotomy of Word vs Spirit in God’s saving mission.

2. ARPC seeks not simply to be Christ-centered but to be Christ-like

We believe in teaching our people for maturity. All our programs are to equip our people to “Tell of Jesus” and “Become like Jesus” in his love, servant-heartedness and humility. Our Discipleship Groups, Leaders Training, Annual Camps, Equip Conferences and Ministry Apprentice Program are to equip God’s people to grow to Christlike humility and maturity.

3. ARPC seeks to be a humble God-glorifying church

We believe in Bible literacy for Christlike maturity. It is Christlikeness that glorifies God. Yes, we are committed to the Word of God but we more concerned to worship our God of Word.

We are an “all-size”, “all-age” and “all place”. “All-size” church? God made us with both a personal yet communal side. We can be part of big gatherings, belong to a small group yet enjoy personal ministries. “All-age” church? God made us to love both old and young! “All-place” church? God meant the church to be local, yet global in its reach. At ARPC, we are an “all-size”, “all-age” and “all-place” family of God! We believe that we can “grow bigger, yet grow closer” simultaneously.

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