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committed to growing in love for God, God’s people, God’s world.


Let's PLAY Together

We had great fun in our last Carnival in 2015.
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The games we grew up with such as One-Leg Catching, Pepsi-Cola and even Scissors-Paper-Stone are all-time favourites because they bring people together.

Activity: Let’s Carnival Together is games galore! Challenge yourself at the special Sports Stations. Try the Inflatable Obstacle Course! Don’t forget Ultimate Frisbee led by expert players – and more!

· Minion Toss-ible
· Hopshot!
· To-Darter-Ness
· Bowling in the Dark
· Kungfu Chopstix Challenge
· Quack Doctor
· Rattle Battle
· 5 Loaves and 2 Fishes
· BLOK-with-US
· Pok Pok Pokemon

· Let’s Shake It
· Marble Maze Runner
· Block Party
· Come Fly with Me
· The Duck Side
· Just 4 Kicks
· POPcorn POPPing
· Liak Bo Kiu (Catch No Ball)
· Let’s Stack It!
· i Tic you Tac we Toe

· Tykes & Titans
· Let’s Swim Like Schooling
· Let’s Ping & Pong Together
· Xiao Lee Flying Saucers
· Hit Squad

· Heartstrings in the Heartland
· Neuron E-Scooters
· O-Bikes
· Ultimate Frisbee
· 10 x 10 Archery Tag

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