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It’s Good to Feel Small

When was the last time you felt small? I was walking on the beach – while on a short break after a preaching conference overseas – and was stunned by the beauty of the sunset. The brilliant collage of the orange hue of the setting sun – simultaneously illuminating the untouchable blue sky above and…

Good (Friday) Change

I was at a wedding recently. They had a photo booth. Some of the guests cheekily insisted I take a photo of a dream chiselled, pumped-up and six-pack body. I consented and I was transformed instantly. My wife rolled her eyes. My church members rolled with laughter. Of course, it’s a laughable transformation. Me with…

An Unlikely King

  My wife and I stopped by Shakespeare’s birthplace on a recent trip to the UK. For fans, a visit to the Bard’s birthplace is a must to pay homage to this iconic wordsmith who has enriched countless. For critics, such a visit may be to throw rotten tomatoes at the man who traumatised us…

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