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I dont want to brag

The Beauty of Name Dropping

Acts 4:12 declares there is “no other name under heaven by which man can be saved”. That is the incomparable name of the Lord Jesus Christ. There was a lot of name dropping last weekend at our church, ARPC. We witnessed about 20 baptisms as more than 70 people officially became members. What’s so great about Jesus? Here…


What Have You Been Up To?

If God were to play back a video of your day, week or month what would it look like? What would He find you doing? My wife and I have been so privileged to be ministering breathlessly from one church camp or conference to another during May-June. We enjoy Christian camps not simply for the…


Never Get Used to Living Aimlessly

The book of Ruth contains its fair share of this empowering Biblical truth: our lives are a series of divine appointments, not random coincidences or circumstances (Ruth 2). Naomi and her foreign daughter in law, Ruth, were both widows, destitute and utterly powerless. Then Ruth, a foreigner in Israel, embarks of a risky venture. In…

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